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Your Gold Mind - Brain Digging Goal Guide - Audiobook Membership Portal Includes a Digital Copy of #YGM along with:

  • Bonus 1:

    #YGM AudioBook 

    ($21.97 Value)

    This 3 hour 20 minute audio book will help you change the direction of your life and tools to redesign it so you can step into the dream future you have always desired.

  • Bonus 2:

    #FYG 4-Part Mini-Masterclass ($279 Value)

    If you’re dealing with massive obstacles & you know you must learn how to succeed at your highest level, but realize you need a plan that can help you figure it all out, then this course is for you. I explain exactly how I faced some of the biggest goals of my life and won!

  • Bonus 3:

    Ad-Free Golden Nuggets,

    29 Episodes ($29 Value)

    In this 29-episode video course, you’ll discover the TRUTH about why only 5% of people succeed and why 95% of people fail ...and how you can join the 5% club much faster than ever before.

  • Bonus 4:

    Ad-Free Shareable Nuggets,

    37 Episodes ($37 Value)

    Have you ever wondered how the pros make it look so easy to set massive goals and literally move mountains? Well, it’s all in my first season of Shareable Nuggets. This exclusive series reveals my mindset and methods so you can move your own mountains and clear a direct path your Gold!


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