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Brain Digging Goal Guide"

$21.99 Paperback & $4.97 Kindle)

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or burnt out because you never give yourself any time to discover what you really want or set personal goals? 

Are you Afraid to take that first leap towards defining your dreams? Do you sometimes forget the INCREDIBLE PERSONAL POWER you were given at birth – The power of Your MIND?

Our subconscious mind has been programmed with habits which make our current Paradigm – The best part is, the bad habits like our, self-doubts, compulsive addictions, negative self-talk and bad eating habits, are all HABITS – which means we can change them and install a brand-new paradigm. These negative parts, can be reworked into empowering beliefs that will allow you to remember that you have something to say – that is different from everyone else.

There is gold in your mind waiting to be excavated and expressed in a way only you can do. 

If you are scared to try something that could benefit your future legacy, you must do it. How will you feel if everyone around you finds their gold and you never put in the time to find yours?

You don’t have to stay scared anymore… You are the owner of an unlimited gold mine and you must choose now to take ownership of your mine because - only the gold you find, before your dying day will be gold you can share with others.

Get started digging today and discover YOUR GOLD MIND  and learn to dig the gold from your mind. 

"Treasure Map Digging Journal"

(130 pages, $14.99,

Dual-Sided Graph +Lined)

This is the130-page Treasure Map Digging Journal, accompanying 'Your Gold Mind - Brain Digging Goal Guide" This digging journal is equipped with graph paper on the left-hand sheets and lined paper on the right-hand sheets. This journal is for you do dig the gold from your mind. This is something I wish I had, so I made it and decided to give it to you all too.


Sometimes I like to draw diagrams or things that are closer to scale.

Or draw calendar blocks for scheduling - or just do geometric doodling:)


I hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you would like to see in round two of Your Gold Mind - Treasure Map Digging Journal!


12-Part Coaching Programs with David A. Stone"

A 12-Week or 12-Month Custom Coaching Curriculum to Level You Up!


I can only retain a maximum of 10 Weekly coaching clients at once.

If I am booked when you are ready, please email me and I'll add you to the waiting list and notify you when a spot opens up. 


If you would prefer to do monthly coaching sessions for 12 months instead of weekly meetings, I am able to take on an additional 10 clients in my Monthly 1 on 1 program.

This Includes the FULL 6-Week Masterclass PLUS Elite Access Membership


4-Part Mini-Masterclass"

Over 2.5 hours of Educational Content


This is the 4-Part Mini-Masterclass Which Will Teach You How To Find, Mine & Refine Your Gold


6-Week Masterclass"

Over 13 Hours and a Full Course Curriculum To Find Your Gold!

This is the FULL 6-Week Masterclass PLUS Elite Access Membership

David is an Authorpreneur, Goal Mining Expert and Urban Farmer and Now #1 Bestselling Author of "Your Gold Mind - Brain Digging Goal Guide"


He has always endeavored to develop awesome skills. At 19 he became a successful realtor selling over 300 homes in his 4 year career. Then, Dave left real estate to follow a deep desire to create and produce films.  In 2005 he co-founded Intrigue Films, a faith-based film company, and since then, he has become an award-winning movie producer, with three feature films and one series under his belt.


His first independent feature, One Hit From Home, took three years to complete and sold to Pure Flix Entertainment. It debuted on Redbox in 2012, and later on Netflix. Currently, it has sold over 87,000 DVDs. Due to his success, Pure Flix quickly invited him to produce their successful 8-episode hit web series, The Encounter. In 2017, he won 'Best Arizona Feature' at the Phoenix Film Festival for producing, IM'Perfect.


Since starting his adventure to create and produce, Dave has designed, shot, edited and produced more than 1,000 videos and commercials for various clients including Walmart & Scottsdale Tourism as well as produced and designed theatrical movie poster photo shoots for Samson and God's Not Dead 2.

In 2017, Dave launched his own YouTube channel Develop Awesome Skills. Here he documents his journey becoming a certified permaculture designer and Moringa grower, planting a food forest on his urban food forest named, Stonehaven. His mission is to inspire the planting of 1 million Moringa trees in 5 years. His channel has over 270 episodes with over 4 million minutes watched. Episodes include Dave exploring his inner-horticulturist while growing a fruit and medicine forest right at home in his urban lot.

His long-term legacy purpose (GLP) is, 'From Superfund to Superfood - Skill Building Campuses.' Where his mission is developing 'MUSTS' (Modular Urban Skill Training Sites,) located on contaminated land, and ultimately superfund sites, all across America, transforming them into vibrant, zero-net, high-tech, permaculture campuses - Helping the Earth heal while shepherding a place for everyone to develop awesome skills to unite the mind, heart, soul and strength of our community.

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